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Digestive system is the first target when you are stressed. Have you ever  experienced diarhoea or frequent passing of motions when you are stressed or have exams? Have you wondered why ?

You did not eat anything wrong but still something automatically happened internally which caused this to happen. Why?

Let us understand diseases from the perspective of Yoga. For this one must understand the human body from this perspective.

Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a growing field and scientific evidence has begun to emphasize its efficacy. It is used to treat existing physical and mental health issues as well as a self- care strategy as a prevention and maintenance. The holistic focus of yoga therapy encourages the integration of mind, body and spirit. Modern yoga therapy covers a broad range of therapeutic modalities, incorporating elements from both physical and psychotherapy. Yoga therapy is a type of therapy that uses yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation and guided imagery to improve physical and mental health.

Very definition of health of WHO as ‘not merely the absence of disease but as a state of well being at physical, mental and social levels’ is being broadened by introducing the spiritual dimension to health. Yoga, as the science of holistic living, provides for the total quality management.

Basis of Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy

The basis of integrated approach of Yoga Therapy is rooted in Upanishadas and Yoga text. Yoga philosophy describes the physical body, subtle body and the casual body as the three bodies that encompass the five koshas. Total integration of the can occur when optimal health and well being are reached within the body, mind and spirit. Exploring and integrating each layer can help to bring us closer to a state of bliss.

According to Upanishad, there are five sheaths or koshas to our seemingly individual existence.

Here are the five layers of the human body :

The disturbances in the Manomaya Kosha percolates into physical layer (Annamaya Kosha) through the Pranamaya Kosha. Hence in the treatment of psychosomatic ailments it becomes necessary to work at all these levels of our existence to bring about the quickest results. The integrated approach, thus, consists in not only dealing with the physical sheath, the relief of which could at best be temporary as is happenings with modern medicines. It also includes techniques to operate on different sheaths of our existence.
The large number of yoga practices available in text of yoga and Upanishads are adopted to balance and harmonize the disturbances at each of the five koshas and tackle complex ailments.

Annamaya Kosha

A satvik diet, kriyas- neti, jal neti, agnisara, kapalabhati, vaman dhauti etc, loosening exercise and yogasanas are operative at this level to reduce the physical symptoms.

Pranamaya Kosha

Practice of different kinds of breathing techniques help to remove the random agitations in pranic flows in the Pranamaya kosha.

Manomaya Kosha

Different types of meditation, devotional sessions are helpful in calming down the mind. Practice of inner peace results into emotional stability

Vijnanamaya Kosha

Yogic counseling, letures, satsang bring forth knowledge, which help overcome strong desires and likes and dislikes which are the basic reasons for agitations. Lack of inner  knowledge and knowing that ‘happiness is within us’ is responsible for many wrong habits and agitations.

Anandmaya Kosha

Happy assembly, tuning to the nature and doing action in relaxation leads to bliss. This brings our innate healing powers to effect, a complete cure of our ailments.we learn to maintain equipoise in all our actions.

Yoga can help alleviate many symptoms that come with aging, inadequate diet or exercise or from bad posture in the home and office.


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Yoga Therapy Helps alleviate a lot of diseases : Acidity , Anxiety and Depression , Back Pain , Diabetes , Thyroid , Obesity to name a few

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