Ayurveda Certificate Course for Yoga Teachers

Online learning – Concepts, Principles, Applications :

Part 1 – Introduction & History of Ayurveda Maulik sidhant – Fundamental principles of Ayurveda &  Padartha Vigyan Swasthavritta & Yoga
Part 2 – Sharir Rachana & Kriya Vigyan (Anatomy & Physiology) Kayachikitsa – Disease & its manifestation
Part 3 –  Ayurvedic diagnostic methods & techniques Basic knowledge of Local & Panchakarma Therapy
Part 4 – Dravyaguna vigyan- Knowledge of Ayurvedic herbs Bhaishajya Kalpana – Ayurveda Methods of preparation of medicine.
Part 5 – Ayurveda and the Mind.
Part 6 – Interviews and talks with Ayurveda doctors.
Ten Assignments to complete. Certificate of completion awarded.

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How It Works:

– Study the theory online through 100 video lessons, read and check curated references online, discuss online with our ayurveda guides, take notes and complete assignments. This should take you minimum 100 hours to 150 hours if you do it sincerely. After submission of assignments and checking by us, you are awarded the certificate – AYURVEDA CERTIFICATE FOR YOGA TEACHERS.

– For additonal practical and experiential certification, you need to come to KaivalyaDhama, India for 2 weeks for observation and understanding of  therapies and practical methods. A certificate of participation is awarded.

Note : If you are not a yoga teacher and cannot submit credentials then your certification is ONLINE AYURVEDA COURSE CERTIFICATE.


Continuous Learning:

You pay once but have access to all content for five years.

We are continuously adding content almost every month.

Detailed conversations with ayurvedic healers, case studies, interviews, presentations. So you do not just get information but a full immersion into the world of yogic and ayurvedic healing.

You may ask – “Does my learning end with the certificate?”

The answer is that we are focussed on your learning outcome and transformation.

And that takes a bit of time. So yes, you get the certificate but have many years of subsequent access to new learning content, at no extra cost.


Teachers and Guides

Dr. Sachin Jadhav

Ayurvedic doctor and practitioner

Dr. Sachin Jadhav is a post-graduate in Ayurveda. He has his own Ayurvedic clinic and hospital in Maharashtra, India and has been practicing ayurveda for the last fifteen years. The lectures in the course are mostly delivered by him.

Dr. Nutan Pakhare

Ayurvedic doctor and practitioner

Dr. Nutan Pakhare is a graduate in Ayurveda from Mumbai University. She has been practicing ayurveda in KaivalyaDhama, Mumbai, for many years. She is your guide within the course, answering all your questions.


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