Kids Yoga

Think adults are the only ones getting stressed out from daily tasks and activities? Think again. We often tend to see kids as young and carefree, not fully realizing that the little ones get stressed out too! Whether it’s from school work or their relationship with classmates and friends, this stress can make it difficult for kids to focus, relax, and process and express their emotions. This is where yoga and mindfulness come in.

The classes give kids a good intro to yoga asana and pranayama, while still keeping things fun. Here they will learn Sun Salutations, basic yoga postures, and pranayama and breathing exercises, to name a few. If this all sounds “too serious” for you, don’t worry!  We use yoga-inspired games to teach kids and young teens all these things, so rest assured they’ll be having fun while also learning how to focus, relax, and gain body awareness and flexibility.

Corporate Yoga

“Enjoy a work-life balance with our Corporate Yoga Classes!”

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If you have been working long hours, constantly doing overtime and/or staring daily at the computer screen, then you deserve a break to recharge and free yourself from the stress. Yoga Library offers corporate yoga classes for you and your colleagues. Our timing is flexible, whether it is during lunch or after work. Even if you are thinking of doing a one-time event, we can help to make arrangements too

If you are thinking about organising a corporate yoga class for your company,  we will be happy to be of assistance

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is one of the gentlest forms of yoga available and is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. The poses taught are often adaptations of Hatha yoga poses. It deepens flexibility and strengthens personal body awareness. Chairs are used in this class in order to support individuals who have difficulty getting down on or up off the floor.

Many of the basic body mechanics of the individual postures are retained, no matter the stance of the practitioner. While seated on chairs, students can do versions of twists, hip stretches, forward bends, and mild backbends.

In addition to a good stretch, chair yoga participants can also enjoy other health benefits of yoga, including improved muscle tone, better breathing habits, reduction of stress, better sleep, and a sense of well-being.

Students will learn many kinds of yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and ways of relaxation, with the aid of a chair.

Class is open to all ages.

Seniors Yoga

You don’t have to be young and flexible to do yoga. In fact, the ancient practice is perfect for seniors who want to keep their mind sharp, muscles strong and stress at bay. Recent studies have found that yoga is a great addition to other forms of physical exercise for older adults thanks to its focus on calming the mind while moving the body.

Yoga can be practiced almost anywhere and most poses can be modified to accommodate your body’s special needs with props including yoga blocks, straps, or while sitting in a chair. Gentle twists on a chair can help alleviate back pain, and simple leg lifts while sitting can help stretch your hamstrings and strengthen your quadriceps. Deep and slow inhales and exhales with the eyes closed can help calm the mind.

Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

Improves Balance. When you practice yoga poses, you help your proprioception, or your sense of position in space. This awareness can help you become better balanced. Additionally, postures like tree pose can help older adults practice shifting weight from one side to another to better balance and to strengthen both sides of the body equally.

Keeps the Mind Sharp. In some styles of yoga, a “dristi,” or gazing point is emphasized and in all styles, slow, deep and even breathing is encouraged. Both the dristi and deep breathing can help calm the mind and improve concentration and focus. In fact, according to a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, older adults who practice yoga have increased memory and processing power.

Lowers Blood Pressure. Several studies suggest that yoga can help lower blood pressure and ease hypertension by lowering our diastolic blood pressure levels. The physical practice of yoga – called hatha yoga – is gentle on the cardiovascular system, while meditation and pranayama, or yogic breathing exercises helps lower the heart rate.

Helps Bone Density. Older adults with weakened bone density can benefit from a regular yoga practice. In fact, recent studies have shown that yoga can reduce or even prevent osteoporosis. A two-year study of adults with an average age of 68 showed that those who practiced yoga had higher bone density than those who did not do yoga poses regularly.

Alleviates Arthritis. If you’re a senior with arthritis, you know how challenging and painful exercise can be. Gentle yoga can be a great solution for those with all forms arthritis. Not only is it low-impact so it doesn’t tax the joints, but yoga poses work to strengthen the muscles around joints to keep them safe. Additionally, yoga poses add suppleness to the connective tissue to keep joints mobile.

Private Session

Learn yoga at your preferred day and time at your preferred location. Your yoga classes will be tailored according to your own physical and health condition. On top of that, your instructor will be able to give you full attention.

Benefits of our Private Classes

Flexibility in Day, Time & Location : Your yoga classes will be conducted at your preferred day and time at your preferred location. This gives you more flexibility especially if you have a busy schedule and save you the hassles of spending time to go to visit a yoga studio.

Certified Yoga Instructors. All our instructors are experienced & graduated from Yoga Teachers Training Programs conducted by schools recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

Individual Attention. You will have full attention from the instructor. In a normal group class, due to time constraints the instructor will not be able to give full attention to every student. With the individual attention, your instructor will be able to correct your alignment, point out your weakness and help you improve on them.

Tailored Requirement. Your private yoga class will be conducted according to your need and requirement. Example you might want to focus on certain areas that you are weak in or to help you to go into poses that you are not able to achieve yet. Or you might want to focus on poses that helps you overcome certain health issues that you would want to focus on.

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