Hear it from Our Community

I started practicing yoga daily with Ruchica during the Corona Lockdown and have lost 5 Kgs in 2 months. I feel a lot more energetic and healthier. Thanks Ruchica


In May 2020, due to lockdown there was a lot of stress and I was not able to sleep, eat and my head starts spinning and I was not able to balance my body. I consulted doctors in Singapore and gave me medications for one month and there was no relief. In the month of August I was suppose to relocate to UK and was suppose to take a journey of 13 hours. In June 2020, we consulted Ruchica and she advised me to take structured Yoga Therapy and we started our sessions from the first week of June. After taking 10 sessions my problem got resolved and I was able to balance my body and head stopped spinning. On 7th August 2020 I travelled to UK without any problem. Now I am able to do all the yoga poses so Yoga helped me cure my problem and thanks to yoga and Ruchica for helping me out of this problem


I was suffering from Chronic Back Pain, my MRI scan gave a recommendation for going for operation. While I was not interested in this and wanted to do healing in a natural way and I was thinking of Yoga due to my childhood experience of Yoga. It is at that time I met Ruchica in a wellness program and discussed about my back pain with her and she came up with this idea of yoga therapy of practicing the yoga poses which is tailored for back pain issues. After 2-3 sessions my back pain got completely relieved and it was such a wonderful method to get rid of this back pain. After 4-5 sessions my back pain vanished and I was wondering if I even had the back pain. Treatment which one would not have imagined before. This was the positive effect that Yoga Therapy has done for me, not only restored my back but even restored my entire well being of my physical body. It has refined my koshas of the physical body. After 2-3 months of this yoga therapy sessions continuously, I started yoga poses and could do forward bending showing that my back has recovered and gained strength. I would recommend yoga therapy as an alternative way of healing by having faith in this process by proper focus and regular practice.


Vanasri is not just a Yoga teacher but a true blessing to those around her. With her calm persona she communicates true essence of yoga practice. She has encouraged me to adopt yoga as a regular part of my life, helping me identify my migraine triggers, and manage them better. I never thought I could attempt certain poses but her patient guidance has made it possible. I always look forward to my weekly sessions with her which recharge me for the week.


I used to get my periods every 5-6 months instead of every month since I got my first periods over 15 years back. With the practice of Yoga Therapy in Singapore with Madam Ruchica, I started to get my periods every month. I practiced daily as advised by her and I am so grateful to her for helping me with this. Thank you Madam.


I have been suffering from diabetes from over 4 years, have lung conditions, had heart surgery. I have been taking medications but they used to make me very anxious and also nauseous. In October 2020, my daughter consulted Ruchica in Singapore. Ruchica took a detailed diet plan and understood my lifestyle, even though I thought I was doing everything correctly with walking and not eating have sweets but she made significant changes to the diet, timing of the meals etc. I was surprised that no one in India had advised of such changes to me despite knowing my severe condition. I started following the diet plan given by Ruchica, regularly started walking twice a day, ate timely meals and followed her yoga practices and meditation. Within 10 days, I saw a drastic drop in the sugar levels from 132.8 fasting sugar on 12 October 2020, it went down to 100 on 21 October 2020. Most importantly I continue to maintain this sugar level which is within the range