Sound Healing

Sound healing is a natural, gentle and non-invasive form of vibrational energy medicine.

In our sound healing courses we integrate the knowledge of leading-edge scientists with ancient wisdom and the creative arts.

With us you can quickly learn skills and techniques with easy-to-play instruments and your voice to help yourself and others to:

  • alleviate aches and pain
  • reduce stress
  • loose weight
  • overcome chronic fatigue
  • sleep better
  • and more.



You can work with sounds for self-healing; with your family, friends and clients; and also in groups, giving meditations with sound and more….

You can join a sound healing course on-line, in workshops, seminars and retreats.

Our sound healing courses are ideal for:

holistic health practitioners, integrative doctors and nurses
musicians, singers and DJs
anyone who wants to work with healing sounds!


Learn more about sound healing.

With our sound healing courses on-line you can learn from anywhere in the world, any time.

Our programs are comprehensive, inspiring and life-transforming!

Our unique method of Integral Sound Healing has been tried and tested over 12 years, and thousands of people have benefited from this approach to health and wellness.

Often the healing from a single sound therapy session is both immediate and lasting.

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