Yin Yoga 3 – Advanced Course


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In partnership with IYTA and Yoga Library, the teacher training deepens your practice and knowledge of Yin Yoga, and equips you with the necessary skills to prepare classes with Yin flows, themes and posture modifications. Conducted by senior IYTA Yoga Teacher Sarah Manning

Gain access to 50hrs of practice for Yin Yoga principles at Yoga Library, 5 Yin Yoga group classes at CSUE and ‘The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga: The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga’ book by Bernice Clarke. Receive assessment and certification of completion by the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA).

Pre-Learning (Self-directed) 

  • Anatomy of Yin Yoga

  • History and philosophy of Yin Yoga

  • Online lectures (up to 1 hour each)

  • Oriental energetic model for Yin Yoga

  • Preparation exercises for weekend training

  • Personal reflection

  • Suggested reading and recommended resources (outlined in the participant workbook)

Note: Through the self-directed learning, all lectures and theory are covered in your own time prior to the weekend training, and can be reviewed as often as you wish. Contact hours in the studio are used to practice, explore, ask questions and teach in groups. Get timely, personal and relevant feedback from Sarah Manning.

Target Audience

Suitable for yoga students and teachers who wish to explore the basics of Yin Yoga, and safely teach Yin postures in a Hatha class.


Complete pre-learning training materials, as directed upon registration.


  • $1,250 (early bird for CSUE and IYTA members, till 16 September)

  • $1,390 (regular rate)

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Terms and Conditions 

  • Prices include GST.

  • Full payment of training must be made to Yoga Library by the application closing date.

  • No refund or credit will be given for cancellation after the application closing date.

  • The Management reserves the right to cancel the programme if a minimum capacity is not reached.

  • Training will be conducted at Yoga Library. As part of the training, you will receive 5 Group Yin Yoga classes to be used at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape.


1. History and Philosophy of Yin Yoga

  • Breathing and pranayama techniques in Yin

  • Energy theory of Gunas, Vayus, and Chakras in Yin

  • Koshas in teaching postures, planning a class, and incorporating into your practice

  • Patanjali Sutras in Yin

  • Use of sound, mantras, mudras in Yin

  • Use of Samkhya Philosophy, Vedic period, Classical, Hatha, and Tantra themes in Yin

2. Anatomy in Yin

  • Anatomy and physiology of bones, connective tissues, muscles and joint alignment

  • Anatomy of fascia and myofascial, and fascia behaviour in Yin

  • Balancing Yin and Yang in a pose, class and student

  • Hatha techniques of warm up, foundation, joint alignment, core stability and bandhas

  • Precautions in pre-existing conditions and injuries in Yin postures

  • Yin and Yang concepts from an anatomy perspective

3. Energetic Body in Yin

  • Theory of Five Elements

  • Meridian energy, clock and pathways

  • Meridian- based Yin teaching

  • Physical, energetic and emotional body

  • Yin and Yang and its flow sequences

4. Methodology and Teaching Practice

  • Practice all Yin poses

  • Benefits and limitations of all Yin poses

  • Modifications using props, wall variations etc in all Yin poses

  • Applying Mindfulness, Body scan, meditation techniques

  • Teaching methodology & cues for Yin classes

  • Experience 3 Yin classes with flows, themes


Level 1 aims to provide participants with:

  • Foundation of Yoga history and philosophy

  • Exploration of different energy models affected by Yin postures

  • Knowledge on how Yin postures affect the body’s anatomy

  • Practice of 25 Yin postures, and relevant breathwork and meditations


  • 25 hours of total training (applicable for CPD points)

  • 14 contact hours for practice and teaching experience

  • 9 hours of pre-learning (including online lectures, reading, self-practice and reflection)

  • 2 hours of open book MCQ assessment


28 October 2023, Saturday (7 contact hours)

  • Explore the practical Yin tools from yoga history and philosophy

  • Explore the contrast of Yin and Hatha postures

  • Learn safe variations and alternatives for Yin postures

  • Practical class of 6-8 postures, applying yoga tools from yoga history and philosophy

  • Practical class of 6-8 postures, applying yoga tools from anatomy

29 October 2023, Sunday (7 contact hours)

  • Explore the energetic body in Western, Indian and Oriental ways

  • Gain a practical understanding of Yin/Yang, Qi, the 5 elements and 14 meridians

  • Learn safe variations and alternatives for Yin postures

  • Practical class of 6-8 postures, applying the oriental energetic tools

  • Practicum of bringing Yin postures into a Hatha class

  • Assessment


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