Qi Gong TT




60 Hours Qi Gong Teachers Training Course


Aim of the Training:

Be able to teach beginner as well as intermediate Qi Gong Classes

Be able to teach various groups with common pre-existing conditions – neck, back, knee issues, pregnant, cancer patient, lymphoedema, high blood pressure and hernia

Empower people with cancer and with serious health conditions

Be able to generate the qi, feel the qi, move the qi and store the qi


Training Dates: 12, 13 August 2023

Time: 10-5pm

Venue: Orchard Road



Introduce qigong/its history; Chi Dynamics, Grand Master Anthony Wee/his three foundation schools

Learn and be able to teach 5 Chinese Elements, 5 Exhalations

Learn and be able to teach the 5 qi flows

Learn and be able to teach 5 Basic Fundamentals of CD

Learn Block Breathing – Therapeutic Breath for Cancer

Learn Simple floor based warmup

Learn and be able to teach qigong stance

Learn and be able the three locks,

Learn and be able three dan tiens

Learning the 5 Essential Exercises- Wrist flicking, Shoulder Rolls, Butterfly stretch, Mao Swing and the 10 Postures Meditation

Be able to teach the close and pat-down series



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