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Here at Yoga Library you study at your own pace but you never fly alone. Need some advice on how to advance your career or plan your courses? All members are just a click away from the help and support you need.
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strengths you never knew you had.
The yoga journey is filled with wonders just waiting for you to uncover. Fulfil your potential to develop yourself and help others on their journey.
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to be human.
Or save one.
Yoga Library first aid courses are provided by the Singapore First Aid Training Centre.
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Our Partners
Manduka makes some of the best yoga gear on the market. Join Yoga Library as a member and get 15% off when you shop online or in stores!
Kaivalyadhama is a well established yoga school with a strong tradition. Our members get their courses at a discount so sign up now!
The Sound Healing Academy offers courses that you can use to offer relief to your students and clients. Sign up now and enjoy special pricing.
A strong mind leads to a strong life. The School of Positive Transformation offers courses that you can use to advance your career and our members can sign up at a discount.
Vyasa Yoga offers some of the best online courses on the market. Sign up as a member now and get access to their highly sought after courses at a discounted price.
You never know when having first aid skills can help you save the day. Be prepared with first aid courses which our members can sign up for at a special price.
A membership in Yoga Library confers upon you valuable benefits. Get discounts on courses and merchandise online and when in our partner stores just flash your card and enjoy instant discounts on stuff you love.

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