This proposal has a very stylised book with flowing lines. It attempts to combine the imagery of a book and the impression of flight. The white symbolizes Yoga Library and the blue symbolizes your students. Taken together and scanned from left to right the white part on the left symbolizes goals and ideals that students strive to reach and once the lines intersect the logo tells another part of the story where students are encouraged to soar within a supportive environment.

The pages of a book are stylised and depicted here. The idea being conveyed here is not just of imagery of book pages but a sense of lightness and flight. This is to drive home the message that learning at the Yoga Library is a reassuring experience without worries and that students onc they complete their training here will soar far and wide and teach others their newfound knowledge.

This is a variation of the above theme with the pages taking on more curvature.

This proposal incorporates flowing forms with several ideas. First the image can be read as an amalgamation of the letters Y and L. The bottom part has been curved to mimic the general shape of an upturned curved hand. It signifies support and nurture. The blue portion has a flame like quality to it and is curved in such a way to convey gracefulness. Taken together, they show a supportive and nurturing environment provided by Yoga Library to its students who then are able to shine and bring light and knowledge to others.

These are variations on the above theme.

All logos require alternative color schemes so they can be displayed on both light and dark backgrounds. Once the design is finalised for the logo in its regular color, we will work on an alternative color scheme.